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Do you ever wonder how many supplies we use each year to care for the thousands of animals that walk through our doors?


On Giving Tuesday and throughout the month of December, we ask that our followers help us collect the many supplies we will need to help area animals during 2019.

Every Year, the Woodstock Spay and Neuter Clinic requires numerous supplies to keep up with the demand of helping our¬†community’s animals in need. While these costs may seem small, they add up to nearly $5,000! The most-used supplies and the amounts we typically need are:

  • 840 rolls of paper towels — anyone who has a puppy or kitten knows you need A LOT of these on hand!
  • 468 packs of wipes for all sorts of jobs, especially clean up and wiping paws!
  • 208 bottles of rubbing alcohol to sanitize our instruments.
  • 108 gallons of distilled water to use in our Autoclave sterilizer.
  • 104 cans of spray cheese to entice hesitant puppies to let us inspect them.
  • 52 bottles of laundry detergent to clean our clinic towels.
  • 52 bottles of bleach to keep our clinic clean and as germ-free as possible

Donations are the fuel that supply our nonprofit and the work we do. Please consider contributing to our cause this #GivingTuesday and holiday season.

You can help us reach our goals in three ways:

  1. Visit our Amazon Wish List and make a purchase on our behalf.
  2. Purchase any of the items in the above supply list and deliver to the clinic.
  3. Make a cash donation via our Facebook Fundraiser* (contributions on 11/27/18 will be matched by Facebook) or PayPal.

    Cash donations made via Facebook will be split between our Clinic and Adoption services




  • Cash Donations 27%
  • Paper Towels 0%
  • Wipes 0%
  • Rubbing Alcohol 0%
  • Distilled Water 0%
  • Spray Cheese 0%
  • Laundry Detergent 0%
  • Bleach 0%