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helps us continue our rescue efforts in helping injured and ill animals by providing the medical care they need.

Woodstock Animal Foundation takes in many special needs animals. We take care of any ill or injured animal that comes to us from a shelter or that we are asked to take into our program. It can be a very matted dog that needs grooming and antibiotics for a skin infection or one with a broken leg or pelvis from being hit by car that needs a plate or pin. Sometimes, it is an ACL tear that needs repair, a liver shunt surgery to save the pet’s life or perhaps heart worm treatment, or in a few cases, even heart surgery. Throughout the years, we have successfully treated and saved many puppies that have had parvo, cats or kittens with severe upper respiratory, some even requiring hospitalization, dogs with sarcoptic and demodectic mange, emaciated dogs and cats, several FHO surgeries, diabetic animals, dogs with cushings, as well as dogs with allergies associated with severe skin issues. We have saved lives needing blood transfusions, treated dogs with auto immune diseases, cats with kidney disease and the list goes on.
We have helped so many animals needing all kinds of extra medical care since 1997. We do not believe that companion animals should be killed in shelter facilities because they are sick or injured. Society has failed these pets at one point for them to even be in a shelter, and injured or ill is a double failure! It is our mission, our goal, our commitment, is to make every pet a wanted pet and we step up and rescue those that need our help. That is who we are and what we do every day. The costs associated with our extra medical cases exceed our adoption fee and so we ask for your support when these pets are in need, so together we can give them the second chance at life they so greatly deserve.
This program has been very successful in saving many, many lives because of the financial support from those who believe in our mission. Thank you for your support, it is much needed and greatly appreciated!

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