Are you an animal lover but can’t adopt for one reason or another?? No problem!! You can be a sponsor!!
Sponsoring an animal simply means that you donate money to cover a portion of a particular animal’s adoption fee or vetting expenses the animal may require. Many animals come to us requiring extra medical attention that their adoption fee does not cover (i.e. dental work, mange treatments, hernia repair).
Other animals come to us with socialization problems or other issues that make them less adoptable; therefore prolonging their stay with us. We never turn our back on these animals; we simply find a way to give them the love and support they need in order to be adopted.

To get started sponsoring, follow these steps:
1. Look through our adoptable pets and choose one that pulls at your heart strings. Maybe one looks like a previous pet or has a story similar to your own pet.
2. Once you’ve chosen your ‘Sponsored Pet’ donate any amount online or simply mail in a check to our address and put into the memo of the check sponsorship for the rescue you choose.
3. Follow up with an email to us that include your name, address, name of sponsored pet and the amount you donated.
4. Enjoy the satisfaction from the difference you just made in one of our rescues life !!!!

You can make a big difference in sponsoring a rescue… It changes lives forever…. Be a part of the team !!!!!

Donate to Louisville/Simpsonville Adoptions

Donate to Lexington Adoptions