Today, we took in this precious little boy, Ronin. He’s a male Border Collie mix and only 8 weeks old.

Ronin was hit by a car, then given away to someone else to help. We got the call and jumped right in! He has a broken rear leg and is in a lot of pain. He had a large hole in his leg with a massive infection. His leg will heal and we’re hoping the infection has not gone into the bone. Ronin is doing well now but his recovery will take time.

He will be going home for the holidays with our clinic’s big-hearted veterinarian. Please donate to help us take care of him. Thank you, in advance, for all your support! We truly appreciate it!

Update on this boy Jan 14,2016 Ronin been in good hands as you can see. But in his xray it tells a different story this poor boy will have to have his leg removed next week since the break is a very bad one. He also had an infection that has gone into the bone. He will be three legged boy and once heals from his surgery he will be looking for a very special forever home. Sweet boy Ronin is on his way to that happy Ending!!!!! He now has a family of his own a true happy ending and forever home…….